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Setlists - 10 September 2005

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DJ Cycle 9-9.30pm
Old Man Gloom - Simian Alien Technology-Message Received
Earth - Raiford (The Felon Wind)
Earth - Thrones and Dominions
Old Man Gloom - Sonar Enlightenment Program

DJ Black Rabbit 9.30-10pm
Clint Manser - Hope Overture (Requiem for a Dream SoundTrack)
Soma - Arcane
Xingu Hill - Conquistador Closes His Eyes
Shinjuku Theif - The Witch Hammer
Cox - Slur
Black Lung - Theme from Black Lung pt2
Noisex - Liars (Raoul Rotation Meets Phil Philter)

DJ Changeling - 10-10.30pm
Front Line Assembly - Predator (Final Mix)
Tactical Sekt - Burn Process
NIN - Happiness in Slavery
VNV Nation - Fearless
Das Ich - Schwarzer Stern
Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains

DJ Spreckenstein 10.30-11pm
Insurge - Political Prisoners
Switchkicker - Synthetic Lifeform
Mindless Self Indulgence - Shut me up
can't read your writing
Nightwish - I wish I had an Angel
Neuroticfish - They're coming to take me away

DJ Oblivion 11-11.30pm
Laziest Men on Mars - Invasion of the Gabber Robots
Orgy - Blue Monday
Faith No More - Digging the Grave
HIM - Wicked Game
Tea Party - Temptation
Suspiria - Awfully Sinister
Johnny Cash - Personal Jesus

DJs Sbrabrug and Quodd 11.30-12pm
Error - Jack the Ripper
Birmingham 6 - 67947000
Gravity Kills - Guilty
Razed in Black - Master
Katscan - See no evil
The Shiznit - Audio Jihad 2

DJ Changeling 12-12.30am
APC - Blue
The Birthday Massacre - Blue
Wumpscut - Schwarzer Tod
Combichrist - Blut Royale
NIN - We're in this together
Orgy - Fiction

DJ Black Rabbit 12.30-1am
Chemlab - Suicide joy
Gravity Kills - Joy
16 Volt - Everyday Everything
Ministry - Stigmata
Cubanate - IT
Bile - Prime Time Loser
Feindflug - Stukas Im Viser

DJ Spreckenstein 1.30-2am
XPQ 21 - Beautiful
VNV Nation - Darkangel
Neauroticfish - Solid You
Mindless Self Indulgence - Stupid MF
Def Fx - Hymn to Her
Curve - Chinese Burn
The Horrorist - One Night in New York City

DJ Oblivion 2-2.30am
The Cure - Friday I'm in Love
Siouxsie - Happy House
Adam and the Ants - Ant Music
Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough
Devo - Head Like a Hole
Rammstein - Du Hast
Britney - Toxic
Metallica - Enter Sandman

DJ Skrabrug and Quodd - 2.30-3am
Circle of Dust - Cranial Tyrant
Deathboy - 80s are Dead
Die Warzau - Insect

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